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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a live, one-on-one video appointment with a medical provider, such as your physical therapist. Connected over the internet using a secure technology platform, telehealth visits require the use of a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera to participate.

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    Telehealth (Online Physical Therapy)

    • Telehealth is a form of Physical Therapy that is provided via a technological platform instead of in-person therapy. In many instances, the patient is unable to attend formal Physical Therapy sessions in a brick and mortar center but still requires rehabilitative treatment. In this situation, it is possible for a highly skilled Physical Therapist to assess the patient’s needs and prescribe a modified treatment protocol by way of a technological visit.
    • These visits can be for an initial evaluation or a follow up visit. NeuroBloom provides this type of service in the form of “live video” or “real time” treatment sessions. The patient is required to log onto a shared HIPAA compliant virtual link that is provided by our office and at the time of their scheduled appointment the Physical Therapist will conduct a session virtually.
    • The Physical Therapist will ask the same questions and have the patient perform movements and activities to be able to assess the current status of the patient’s injury. The therapist then guides the patient through a modified treatment session of exercises and functional movements that will help to treat and maintain the patient’s rehabilitation program, until they can attend complete in-person session.

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    "When my stroke happened  I felt alone, worried and  Vulnerable. But I was also determined to get better. When I met Dr. Nidhi Seth, My Neuro-vestibular Physical Therapist.. who is also stroke rehabilitation specialist, I knew I had found my champion and cheer leader. Her knowledge and compassion combined with drive and determination were key to successfully overcoming and adapting to my stroke and accompanied vestibular deficits.  Now I do all of the things that are important to me and that make me feel whole, happy and confident.  I am forever grateful."

    Nicole T. SINCE 2018

    "Nidhi has been so great and so helpful throughout my rehabilitation journey and helping me figure out how life was going to change and how to accept that change as well. Nidhi has always been very encouraging and never let me give up. I think my recovery would have been very different if I didn't have Nidhi to help me through it."

    Debra D SINCE 2021

    "Dr. Seth definitely inspired me and played a big part in my ongoing healing and journey back to better balance, well-being, and health! Since the time I started seeing her for physical therapy for my vestibular issues and balance, I have been walking 4-6 evenings/week, 4-5mi each walk. I use the Calm app daily and am really benefitting from meditation and mindfulness. Working with Nidhi got me started on the right path physically and psychologically, and she contributed significantly to my sense of well-being when I was unsure of myself and my ability to heal. When she showed me her forearm tattoo that says, “Liberate Yourself”, that had a huge impact on me, and I’ve kept that principle in mind as I’ve continued to rebuild my self-confidence and ability to enjoy my life again. Thank you so much for being my first therapist and for getting me started in a wonderful direction!"

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